Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell . Fine Art . Manchester School of Art

These images are of work by Lynda Benglis. I love the concept of process painting and the piece being a product of the journey and the action. There is something about this work that makes me want to touch it.


Recent pieces exploring the relationship between photography in paint

Beauty in Ruin: Damaged Negatives by Glen Luchford

There is something so beautiful about decay and ruin especially when it occurs accidentally.

I love these images. My work seems to be moving towards the relationship between art and audience, especially in this new collaborative project.

Sterling Ruby EXHM

22 March – 4 May 2013, HAUSER AND WIRTH, SAVILE ROW

Great exhibition I visited on a recent trip to London. I adore the ceramic sculptures, ‘MONUMENT STALAGMITE’ and ‘THE POT IS HOT’. The red, white and blue ceramic drips down the structure, resulting in a beautifully random mix of colour at the base. The cardboard Ruby uses to protect the floor of his studio is reinvented as a formal composition incorporating found objects from around the studio.

BERLIN February-March 2013